10 Best Keto Protein Powder And What Is Keto

Here you will find information about not only the best keto protein powder as well as information about what is keto and advantages of keto etc.

What Is Keto?

Simply, A ketogenic diet is a diet that is low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and high in dietary fat. Originally in the 1920s, a ketogenic diet was designed for patients with epilepsy to help reduce their seizures

What Is The Advantage Of Keto Diet?

The advantages of keto diet is mention below.

  • Lower Body Fat.
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar.
  • Lower Cholesterol.
  • Suppressed Hinger Levels.

To understand the diet we have to start from the beginning.


Calories are energy. It is important to recognize that weight gain and weight loss are complicated. Calories in and calories out are too simple and not accurate enough.

Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but it has minimal impact in terms of weight loss, while it does, of course, provide other health benefits. Burning 300 calories in a workout does not equate to the burning of the cupcake. Nutrition is going to be about 90% responsible for changes in our bodies in terms of weight.

Different types of foods metabolize differently in the body. There are many variables. That is why eating 2000 calories of fruit is not the same as eating 2000 calories of goldfish.



Macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. All calories come from these sources with alcohol as the exception. Your total calories for the day, no matter how many eat and what diet you follow, equal 100%. Each of those macronutrients becomes a percentage of your daily pie, and the ratio will often change based on the diet.

You cannot have 100% of calories come from each macronutrient, that would be 300%. And because math exist, that just is not possible. You can have an equal number of calories from each food 33.3%. But fat contains more calories per gram than protein and carbs. So the percentage would be different in that case.

A popular diet you may have heard of on youtube is a high carb, low-fat diet, 80/10/10. That means 80% of calories come from carbs, 10% from fat, and 10% from protein. Competitive bodybuilders often build muscle with a diet that is higher in carbs and lower in fat and moderate in protein. And the n loser to their competition when they need to lean out, protein becomes the biggest macronutrient in their diet, followed by fat and carbs.

A ketogenic diet, on the other hand, consists of a diet that is around 70% of fat a moderate amount of protein, and very little carbs. Only 5% to 10% depending on the person’s tolerance.


Now it is not a strict ratio. Because it will vary from person to person. We all have a different carbohydrate tolerance and our insulin resistance levels are different. This means 1 person on a keto diet may be able to eat more carbs than another person on a keto diet. but still, be in what is called Nutritional ketosis.

Nutritional Ketosis

Keto diet functions differently than some other common diets, such as diet higher in carbs with less fat and protein that we are typically told are “healthy”. It is important to recognize from the beginning that there is no “right” or “wrong” ratio but there is maybe one that works better for you and only you can find that out.

So we know that calories are fuel for our bodeis, but that fuel can come from 1 of 2 main sources.

  1. Glucose
  2. Ketone


The main that most people function off of today is glucose. It can be a great energy source for the brain and the body and comes primarily from carbohydrates. This is essentially a sugar burning mode since glucose is sugar.


  • Most people’s fuel source.
  • Comes primarily from carbs.
  • Sugar burning mode


The 2nd source of fuel is ketones or ketone bodies. People on a ketogenic diet are fueled by Ketones rather than glucose. Ketones are produced when glucose levels fall, and the body has access to fat either in the form of stored fat or dietary fat. When someone’s body uses ketones as fuel rather than glucose they are in nutritional ketosis which is like fat-burning mode since fat is the fuel source.


  • Alternate fuel source.
  • Requires adequate presence of Fat.
  • Fat burning mode.

For any diet, it is important to have both carbohydrates and fat for the body to function properly. However, it is the amount of one relative to the other that will determine your fuel source and 1 is no right or wrong.

Glucose And Ketones

Now if glucose is available to the body it will use that first because it is easy to burn up. If you east a lot of carbohydrates your body will use that glucose as its fuel source rather than using fat as fuel.


This is why carbohydrate intake must be low on the ketogenic diet and the keto diet is often referred to as a high-fat diet. Dietary fat needs to be prevalent enough in the body in order to produce ketones.


Many people associated the word fat with the fat on our bodies and are unfamiliar with it as a fuel source. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how the ketogenic diet works. Which is why there is also a lot of criticism surrounding it.

Our brain and body do need some glucose just like we all need some dietary fat. But glucose does not need to be the main source of energy for a body to function healthily. Glucose is one energy source and ketones are another. Neither is right or wrong they are just different.

Ketones And Ancestors

In fact, our ancestors may have lived a ketogenic lifestyle without being aware of it. Hunters and gatherer, our ancestors ate lots of nuts, seeds, meats, and lower carbs fruit like berries. This often refers to primal eating and it is a diet that was high in fats and low in carbohydrates.

It likely results in ketosis and helped our ancestors survive from one meal to next. Because of their bodies could store that fat as energy. But does that mean they choose to be in ketosis? No, they would have eaten whatever was available to them. But the point is that it was a viable way for them to survive healthily even if they did not understand the science behind it.

When a lot of people heard about primal or hunters gatherer eating these days they think of paleo diet.

Paleo Diet

Is the paleo diet can be a ketogenic diet? The answer is it can be. On a paleo diet, you can eat grass-fed meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds, oil, etcetera, but you can not eat grains, legumes, refined, sugar, processed food, and typically dairy and excessive salt.

Now the most of that aligns with a keto diet where one consumes more fat and fewer carbs. However, nothing is strictly prohibited on a keto diet. The ultimate goal is a ratio of fats to carbohydrates which likely means not consuming may if any grains, legumes, and or sugar regularly.

10 Best Keto Protein Powder

  • Amazing Grass Protein Superfood
  •  Sunwarrior Classic Protein Powder
  • Perfect Keto Collagen Protein 
  • ShroomTech Sport
  • Keto Cheesecake Shake
  • Platinum Hydrowhey Protein by Optimum Nutrition
  • Vaxxen Labs Keto Whey Protein Powder BLabslend
  • Nature’s Best Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder
  • Keto Vitals Electrolyte Powder
  • Kiss My Keto: Collagen Peptides

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood based in new Newport beach California that probably best known for its very popular green super product. Which gets a lot of nutrients from wheatgrass and barley grass and a lot of other high chlorophyll plants.

It is protein super food but it is also contains wheat grass barely grass and similar ingredients as well as lot of vegan protein and some fruity and vagetable as well.

  • It mixes very well with the water.
  • You will get a minty taste when you mix it with water but not when you mix it with almond milk.
  • 120 calories per scoop 20 grams of protein.
  • You will get 6 kinds of carbohydrates with 4 grams of fiber.
  • 2.5 grams of fat with no saturated fat or cholesterol.

 Sunwarrior Classic Protein Powder

  Sunwarrior Classic Protein Powder builds on sunwarrior original rice protein adding to it the amino acid balancing effects of yellow peas, chia seeds, quinoa, and amaranth.

It provides you all the balanced protein that you need to fuel your active life. gentle on your body thank to the mild nature of whole brown grain rice.

  • Ancient grain goodness without worrying about carbs and gluten.
  • Muscle growth.
  • Recovery.
  • Strength.

ShroomTech Sport

With this supplement, you will get three vitamin B12. Three mg chromium which 200 mcg. Then you will have an onnit performance blend which is organic. It has pure Cordyceps. You will also get green tea extract, Rhodiola extract, ashwagandha root extract, and astragalus extract.

  • It has 1 net carb per serving.
  • It Contains 21 grams of whey protein isolate per serving.
  • Sourced from pasture-raised New Zealand cows.
  • It contains zero sugar, soy, or gluten.
  • Totally free of genetically modified organisms.
  • Loaded with vital branched-chain amino acids.

Perfect Keto Collagen Protein 

It is keto-friendly protein powder. It is a better product because if you are not on a keto diet it will give you much better results than other protein powder. And if you are on a keto diet than it is definitely one worth looking at it.

  • Low carbs.
  • Low sugar.
  • Available in different flavors.

Keto Cheesecake Shake

We all know that a keto diet gets great results. You eat delicious food and it is a lifestyle that you truly love. But there is one thing is missing “sweets”. Foods like cookies and cakes that were one-time favorite treats and now oof-limits but what if they didn’t need to be?

What if you could enjoy a creamy delicious cheesecake shake made with real cream cheese. Sounds like a dream comes true with Keto Cheesecake Shake that dream is a reality with 15 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbs. It fits with your low carb lifestyle.

Keto Cheesecake Shake is a keto supplement. We will recommend you if you are on a keto diet otherwise it may be not affected more. It is for those people who can not control their diet. It is so testy and its name is Keto Cheesecake Shake and it also tastes like a cheesecake.

  • Real cheesecake taste.
  • 15 grams of fat.
  • 4 grams of carbs.

Platinum Hydrowhey Protein by Optimum Nutrition

Platinum Hydrowhey Protein by Optimum Nutrition is a keto-friendly protein supplement. The company claims that it is the best protein they ever made.

It is a hydro whey protein. The hydro part is basically just protein that breaks into smaller fragments of it and it basically just absorbed faster. Typically protein takes about 30 minutes to absorb this one is just take less time to absorb.

The next thing is BC SS branched-chain amino acids. If you don’t know what those are it is basically 3 musketeers of amino acids are working together to get absorbed into your muscle tissue and it is gonna help you to recovery and gonna help with protein synthesis.

  • Take less time to absorb.
  • BC SS branched-chain amino acids.
  • It helps you to recovery.

Vaxxen Labs Keto Whey Protein Powder BLabslend

It is the product that suits who likes to build muscle more and also want to lose fat. This product contains caffeine. It is basically a BHP salt ketone-based energy drink for the keto diet with 130 gm of caffeine.

  • Contains caffeine.
  • Low carbs.
  • Low sugar.
  • It comes in different flavors.

Nature’s Best Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

This is only the protein powder which contains 0 carbs and 0 sugar. It is also gonna help with muscle recovery and muscle size but the main thing is there are no carbs in here.

  • 0 carbs.
  • 0 Sugar.
  • Muscle recovery.
  • Muscle build.

Keto Vitals Electrolyte Powder

When you first start a keto diet the transaction can be a little rough you have a thing called keto flu. You lose weight very quickly. That is because the glucose needed to retain water as you deplete your self the excess glucose that you have when you are on a carbohydrate diet. You get rid of lots of water at the same time.

As you are getting rid of that water you also, unfortunately, getting rid of electrolytes. That is one of the things that causes the keto flu. This product can replace electrolytes.

  • Low carbs.
  • Low sugar.
  • Replace electrolytes.
  • Get rid of keto Flu.

Kiss My Keto: Collagen Peptides

It is a fantastic alternative to other protein powder like whey and pea protein. Collagen Peptides are made from grass-fed pasture-raised cows. They are non-GMO free of preservatives. It has no taste or smell.

  • It has no taste or smell.
  • Dissolve instantly in coffee, tea, and shakes.
  • Make your bones strong.
  • Make your joint healthy.
  • High in Fat.
  • Low in Carbs.

So that was our best keto protein powder list. Hope this helps you to find what are you looking for thanks.

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