About Us

Who are we?

Healthapes.com is an informative, health, and lifestyle-related website helping people with questions around weight loss, digestion, and general health. Our team of researches works hard to bring you the latest, fact-checked health information.

Our Mission

Health Apes’s ultimate goal is to address your appropriate problem, fix them, and educate you in a better way. We are here to provide you with relevant and accurate content that can help you live your healthiest life.

Our vision is to lift ourselves and become one of the most trusted websites regarding content and health care.

Our Team

Austin Dixon is the owner and founder of HealthApes.com. After struggling with his own digestion for years, he became passionate about helping others who suffer from irritable bowel issues.

Austin is also helps run Adegen, a world-leading hair loss restoration company based out of Los Angeles.

Isabella Benn is the lead copywriter and content wizard at Health Apes with an expertise in health research. She specializes in gut health, nutrition, food and recipes. 

She is available for freelance work through her personal website.