Brookstone massager Full Review

Here you will find a full review about Brookstone massager and information about do massage even work?

What Does Massage Do Anyway And, Are There Any Health Benefits Besides Feeling Really Good?

It is no secret that massage makes us feel good and this fact even verified by science. Caltech research identified a specific set of sensory neurons common among mammals that trigger pleasure able responses when activated by a firm stroking sensation.

Some researchers massaged a bunch of mice and then wrote a paper on it because science is awesome. But it is massage actually helping to improve muscle function and recovery after a hard workout?

What Are Muscle Knots?

A study by researchers at McMaster University studied the biological changes in the muscles of 11 young men after they push themselves to exhaustion with exercise. Using biopsy of leg muscle tissue, the researchers were able to show that a 10-minute post-workout massage can reduce cellular stress and inflammation in response to mechanical injury, increase mitochondrial production leading to improved muscle repair and function, and reduces pain.

Notably absent in the study was any evidence that massage could help clear lactic acid from tired muscle or improved glycogen levels. Two benefits commonly associated with the practice, so please continue to drink water after your workout and massage to keep your body hydrated, but flushing out and releasing toxins is not really a thing.

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“The scientific literature is less clear when it comes defining just what is going on when your muscle contracts into painful knots or why massage seems to help”

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