Cashew Allergy | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment

“Allergy that is caused by cashew nuts is known as cashew allergy.”

Such allergies are mostly limited to cashew nuts or sometimes extended to other dry fruits and nuts like allergies to peanut, walnuts etc. Another member of the nuts tree family named as pistachios are found allergic to one-third of children. It is mostly found in teenagers and young individuals. Many skin allergies, breathing problems, and intestinal complications can be resulted due to cashews. Exposure to this allergy in children is started at the age of 2 years. However, according to conducted research, 4 out of 5 adults are free from this allergy.

According to the survey, around 15 million population of the USA. Although cashew nut allergy is very rare, it can lead to severe problems. Regular intake of cashew is healthy for children and teenagers, but the excess amount of cashew nuts may be responsible for disastrous complications related health. This allergy does not develop only from childhood. It could appear at any age level. And the proper medical reason is still not found that’s why some individuals suddenly feel allergic to nut trees.

Causes and Symptoms of Cashew Nut Allergy:

Sometimes, cashew allergy in toddlers’ objects due to already existed diseases or complications so read and examine the reasons behind cashew allergy. Symptoms reveal after the intake of cashew or in some case; allergy exposure starts after a few hours. Many symptoms are given in the following to help you in the diagnosis of cashew allergy in toddlers and children.

  • Skin redness or itching
  • Swallowing of mouth, eyes or any other body part
  • Complications during breath
  • Numbness
  • Anaphylaxis on a severe level
  • Severe pain
  • Throat itching
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or unclear visions

However, from all the above symptoms, anaphylaxis is the more worst and dangerous reaction of cashew nuts. In anaphylaxis, the patient suffers from a breathing problem and can cause paralysis in case of critical shocks. It can also cause to effect airways, skin or heart related severe disease. Rush to hospital in ever you have exposure of anaphylaxis.

Cashew Allergy Treatment

Cashew Allergy Treatment:

The first solution is to discover your concerned allergies regarding food. Because without a diagnosis, cashew nut allergy treatment is not possible. Second, Prevention or avoiding is most suggested cashew nut allergy treatment. Although proper medication to cashew nut allergy does not exist. But doctors refer the prescription to reduce the effects of in result diseases. So the best solution to avoid it is to cut out their intake. Maybe, you are also allergic to other members of the nuts family. So while buying products from the store, you must note that:

  • Product is free of cashew element
  • No nuts are present in grocery (if you are allergic)

If you are urging or starving for nuts, you can use alternative food rather than having cashews or nuts. For example, seeds or granola can be used as a substitute for cashew nuts. Never take ignoring behaviour towards cashew allergy in toddlers and children instead seek cashew allergy treatment as soon as possible. Ignoring such allergies can lead individuals toward life-threating problems. 

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