Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world.

If you’re considering getting laser treatment to remove unwanted body hair, you likely have lots of questions.

How does laser hair removal work?

What are the results?

How many sessions do you need to achieve the desired results?

We’ll answer all those questions and more in this post.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about laser hair removal cost and recovery time.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to target and remove unwanted hair.

During laser hair removal procedures, the laser emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft.

This light energy is then converted to heat, damaging the hair follicles and preventing future hair growth.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser hair removal procedure works by targeting the melanin in the hair shaft.

During this cosmetic procedure, the laser emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin, which causes the hair follicle to heat up and eventually be destroyed.

The treatment can be done on any body area where unwanted body hair growth occurs.

Common areas for treatment include the face, upper lip, underarms, legs, and bikini line.

How Many Sessions Do You Need For Laser Hair Removal?

The amount of sessions you will need depends on the thickness of your hair, how dark your hair is, and your skin type.

However, most people will need between four and six sessions to see significant results.

The number of treatments required can also vary depending on the area being treated.

Smaller areas like the upper lip or chin can be treated in as little as two sessions, while larger areas like the back or legs may require up to eight sessions.

Where Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal services are usually available at dermatology clinics, spas, and specialized aesthetic treatment centers.

When choosing a laser hair removal treatment provider, it’s important to choose a reputable clinic that has experience performing the procedure.

We recommend speaking with your dermatologist or esthetician for high-quality laser hair removal recommendations in your area.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal treatments are usually quick and easy.

The treatment area is first cleansed, and a cooling gel is applied to help protect the skin.

The laser device is then passed over the treatment area, targeting the hair follicles with pulses of light energy.

Each pulse takes only a fraction of a second, and most people report feeling only mild discomfort during the treatment.

After the treatment, the cooling gel is removed, and sunscreen is applied to the treated area.

It’s essential to avoid sun exposure after laser hair removal treatments, as your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays.

Most people experience some redness and swelling after the treatment, but this usually goes away within a few hours.

Can Laser Treatment Remove Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure because it is relatively effective and has minimal side effects.

However, it is important to note that laser hair removal is not permanent.

Laser hair removal is considered a semi-permanent solution for unwanted hair.

This means that the results are not permanent, and you will eventually need to have additional treatments to maintain the results.

However, the amount of time between treatments will gradually increase with each treatment.

For example, someone who gets laser hair removal every six weeks will likely only need to get treatments once or twice a year after several years.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal?

Most people can expect to pay between $200 and $400 per session.

The cost of laser hair removal can vary depending on the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions needed, and the geographic location of the clinic.

It’s important to note that you will likely need multiple sessions for optimal results, so be sure to factor this into the overall cost.

Many plastic surgeons and laser hair removal specialists provide complimentary laser hair removal consultations before treatment.


Laser hair removal is an excellent option for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair and cut back on shaving.

It is quick, easy, and relatively painless.

You will need multiple sessions to achieve the best results, but laser treatment can remove hair semi-permanently.

Laser hair removal costs will vary depending on where you live and other factors, but it is generally an affordable hair removal solution.

If you’re interested in receiving laser treatments for body hair removal, your bikini line, underarm hair removal, and permanent hair reduction, there’s no time like the present.

Contact a specialist or board certified plastic surgeon for a hair removal cost quote today!

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