What Is RN Meaning And How To Become An RN?

Basically, the RN meaning is “Registered Nurse” and if you got this Rn in the message then the meaning of that will be “Right Now”. The work of a registered nurse is very hard first you have to study a lot and then you have to work a lot. We will tell you how to become a register Nurse RN.

How To Become A Registered Nurse RN?

Most of the people wanted to know how to become a registered nurse. Today we are going to tell the five easy steps to become a registered nurse. Like you know that a lot of potential nurses ask this question when they become first interested in this profession.

Register nursing is the popular profession within the medical field and most career research centers project that the increasing demand for Ourian’s will increase dramatically over the deck, over the couple next decades.

So with this, it is easy to see why more and more people are interested in becoming a registered nurse. So here are the five steps to follow to become a registered nurse.


5 Steps To Become A Register Nurse RN

  • Visit your state board of nursing
  • Enroll in accredited nursing school
  • Take Your Board Exams
  • Get Your Registered Nurse License

Visit your state board of nursing

First, you need to do is Visit your state board of nursing to determine the educational requirements and certification you may need. Most states require a degree from an accredited university or nursing school.

Clinical hours in the nursing field and the successful completion of in click of RN exams. Be sure to visit your state board nursing website where you can contact your state board of nursing. Be sure to review all the requirements before enrolling in a nursing school, so you can be sure that the school you choose will provide the proper training and certifications you need.


Enroll in accredited nursing school

Next, you will need to enroll in an accredited nursing school that offers a nursing degree. It is very important, that the school you pick is accredited, so really research the school because there are some nursing schools out there believe it or not they are not accredited by your state board nursing so be sure to look at that.

ADN degree programs are usually completed within 2 years and BSN programs are traditionally the four-year programs. During this time each student must successfully complete all courses in the nursing curriculum and any designating clinical hours.

Take Your Board Exams

The third point is to take your State board exams, which is also known as the NCLEX RN. After graduation to obtain your RN license some people think that once you graduate from nursing school that you are in RN but instead they just have a degree but they are not actually a registered nurse.

Can not use RN titles behind your names and until you pass the NCLEX are in the exams.

Get Your Registered Nurse License

Fourth, once you successfully passed the NCLEX exams and pay any applicable licensing or testing fees, your state will issue a registered nurse license. At that point, you can officially work as a registered nurse and you can apply for hospital positions, government facilities, or other employment positions that hire registered nurses and you can work it as a registered nurse.

Renew Your license

Then what you have to when you have a license. Lat step is you have to renew your license at requires time intervals which is usually every one to two years. The cost can everywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars every two years to keep your nursing license active and you will need to check with your state board of nursing to determine, these time intervals of when you need to pay your dues.

So those were five easy steps on how to become a RN.

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