Is French Bulldog Hypoallergenic or Not?

Short Answer: “No, they are not.”

French bulldogs are classified as domestic dog’s breed that originated in the 1800s. If you are looking for lively and friendly bulldog for your family, French bulldog will be of the best choice. But before purchase, make sure about some important precautions, i.e. describe in the following context. Many locals who are fond of dogs has been suffering from specific allergies nowadays. French bulldog hypoallergenic breed is suggested for allergic customers because their low-shed attribute makes them less cause about the flare-up of allergy.  

French bulldog hypoallergenic breed is not precisely existed because still the dog’s skin and saliva can be even harmful to humans, especially to those who suffered from sensitive allergies. So we recommend consulting your doctor first, to avoid any serious problem.

French bulldog hypoallergenic breed include dogs of smaller size, shorter hair and shed less. So there is a possibility of dander. So if your family has critical allegories, you should not go for French bulldogs.

The Appearance of French Bulldog:

French bulldogs are also known as “Frenchies”. They are mostly small in size, bat-like standing ears, round eyes and pig-like nose. They are found in various colours like cream, black, white and brindle etc. Their age lies between 1-14 years approx. And weight between 25-28 pounds on average. Height of Frenchies is around 12 inches while in standing position.

French bulldogs are famous for their friendly nature. They can easily mix with the family, plays ball fetch, tug-of-war etc. games with them. Due to their small size, they are trendy among kids and adults. And due to their mischievous behaviour, they are attention-catchy too.

Appearance of French Bulldog

French Bulldog Lifespan:

French bulldog lifespan and age-related information are usually asked by all those dog lovers who change their dog breed to Frenchie. Average expected French bulldog lifespan is about 10-14 years. While in some cases dogs also extended their life up to 18 years. Due to their prone and higher rates of health concerns, lifetime is also affected.

French Bulldog Shedding:

If you are a dog lover, then you must know about how hectic to take care of your dog’s shedding is. While French bulldog shedding is not an issue because Frenchies do not shed much. But it does not mean that your house will be free from their hairs. Sometimes, it’s very annoying to find dog hairs on your furniture, car or bed etc. But this shedding can be controlled by proper take care. Read and follow all the facts given in grooming that can help to reduce or eliminate the French bulldog shedding.

Grooming of French Bulldog:

Due to their thin and soft coast, it’s very easy to take care of French bulldogs. Follow the steps given below to avoid any allergies.

  • Shower them and brush their teeth daily
  • Go for a walk with you Frenchie to grind their toenails.
  • Trim the feet nails of your puppy regularly.
  • Use a warm moist cloth to clean their ears properly.
  • Clean all sheets, dog’s bed and other related items, daily.
  • Try to put a shirt on your puppy. It avoids the dander and in results, reduce allergies.

So in short, grooming is necessary because it reduces the chances of diseases and helps to keep your puppy healthy and neat. If you are not interested in grooming, you can also appoint any professional for grooming of your dog. If you are suffering from severe allergies, Frenchies isn’t the best option for you. There are other nine breeds of dogs so you can also visit and check them according to your convenience.

Best Food for a French Bulldog:

Along with grooming and health for your Frenchie, a proper diet is also required. French bulldogs don’t eat typical food. Instead, they need good quality dog food, i.e. consisting of right ingredients and correct formula. Top-rated food and required nutrition’s guide is discussed below. Read it carefully and take care of your puppy.

  • Diets consist of proteins and fats are suggested for dogs. Mostly 18% of Protein and 5% of fat is sufficient for small Frenchies, and it gradually increases for growing puppies. Besides, minerals and vitamins are also vital ingredients of the diet. Your food must consist of:
  • Natural and healthy ingredients with no artificial additives.
  • Fatty acids, including Omega-3 for skin and coast support.
  • Calories content food for balancing the weight.
  • High-quality lean protein from fresh sources like poultry.

Observe your dog’s health daily and manage its diet plan accordingly to avoid excessive weight gain. Mostly French prefer grain food for their dogs because Tuft University’s veterinary Medical centre confirms that grain food’s Protein causes fewer issues as compared with Protein from common sources like poultry and beef etc. Choosing the best food for French bulldog is very hectic and critical because of the large variety of their breed so the following suggestions may be helpful for you to find appropriate French bulldog food. These are categorized based on small and growing breeds, so read them carefully.

Buy and feed your puppy this high-quality food featured with real meat for Protein and grains for balance diet in just $29.

This food is especially valuable for small French dogs featured with lean Protein from pure chicken and natural fatty acids for healthy coat and skin in just $14.

Best food for French bulldogs of all ages featured with grain-free and high-quality 93% of proteins along with limited carbohydrates for balanced and healthy neutrinos.

This French bulldog food provides proteins and grains all along with fruits and vegetables and available in attractive flavours that will attract your Frenchie.

Best Food for a French Bulldog

French Bulldog Allergies:

Many people called French bulldog hypoallergenic, but in actual, they are not. Due to their higher rate of the shed, they are not suitable for allergic individuals. Most of the allergies caused by Frenchies are related to skin and prone. Because of their small nose, they are capable of inhaling all surrounded allergies that can damage their immune system. So the proper diet plan needs to establish to develop a strong immune system and avoid allergies.

BARF diet can be helpful for those puppies who suffered from intolerance from food. However, to avoid such intolerance, it’s suggested to purchase your Frenchie from an authentic and reputed dog breeder because all those Frenchies that has been breed by proper diet are less prone towards health issues.

Some common allergies from which the dogs suffered are:

  • Fever and lethargy
  • Blisters and rashes
  • Heavy breathing
  • Vomiting and hives
  • Skin rashes and itching
  • Diarrhoea
French Bulldog Allergies

These allergies can be due to poor diet or allergy triggers. Allergy triggers can be dust, environment, sprays and insect bites etc. So to avoid such allergies, it is suggested to follow some precautions, i.e.  given below:

  • Feed your Frenchie with BARF (Biological approved raw food) diet, i.e. meat, vegetables, boiled rice, fresh fruits etc.
  • Environmental allergies can be reduced by putting shoes and shirts to your Frenchie. Follow all the grooming information discussed above to avoid allergies.
  • In autumn, put sweaters etc. on your Frenchie so they can easily play on grass or in open environment and remain harmless from insect’s bites and mycobacteria.
  • Keep your French bulldog food fresh and natural.
  •  Use a separate hairbrush to keep their fur neat and clean for your Frenchie.
  • Do not use used human shampoo on your Frenchie. There is a specific dog designed shampoo that is suitable for their skin. So use their shampoo during bath. Always keep your dog neat and clean to make him healthy and fresh.

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