JYM Protein For Fast Muscle Growth

In this product review, you will learn about not only Jym protein, you will also learn about protein supplements powder and how to best use it for muscle growth.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is by far the most widely consumed supplement within the fitness industry for a good reason. It is convenient and contains high-quality protein, and it is a lot more cost-efficient than other protein sources.

Not on that, but its also one of the few supplements that heavily backed by research in terms of:

  • Safety
  • Muscle building properties
  • It can improve immune function, inflammation, etc.

However, despite the popularity of protein powder, most people are often left clueless when it comes to choosing the best type of o protein, and even more, so it comes to how to best use it to build muscle.

Unfortunately, asking the sales guy at your local supplement stores will likely just leave you even more confused or misinformed than you were to begin with. But luckily, in this blog, I will clear everything up for you and show you how exactly how to maximize the effectiveness of protein powder.

Following Points To Help You About Protein Powder

  • Best types of protein powder
  • When to take it
  • How much to take and how often
  • What to take it with

Best Types Of Protein Powder

When it comes to picking a protein powder, the sheer amount of options can definitely be overwhelming. But to keep it simple, research indicates that compared to other forms of protein powder, Whey and Casein have the highest essential amino acid content and are the best at stimulating muscle protein synthesis. That means they are your best options.

Types Of Protein Powders

  • Whey Protein
  • Hemp Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Rice Protein
  • Soy Protein
  • Casein Protein
Jym Protein

Now, as for the difference between whey and casein and which one is better, it mainly has to do with their digestive properties.


Whey is a faster-digesting protein that rapidly spikes protein synthesis for a short period of time.

  • Faster digesting protein
  • Rapidly spikes protein synthesis for a short period of time.


Casein is a slower digesting protein that gradually increases protein synthesis over a longer period of time.

  • Slower digesting protein
  • gradually increases protein synthesis over a longer period of time

Which Should you have to choose?

Generally, we will advise you to stick with whey over Casein since it has a slightly higher leucine content. Research literature review on the topic tends to favor Whey over Casein when t comes to elevating protein synthesis and promoting muscle mass gains.

Specifically, we will recommend you to stick with whey isolate since it’s the purest form of whey protein and contains the least lactose if that’s an issue for you.

When Should You Take It?

Although most people are firm believers that protein shakes are meant to be taken a right after your workout. Research actually does not fully support this idea.

“Ingesting protein immediately post-workout is not necessary if you have already had a pre-workout meal with sufficient protein.”

Multiple other studies support this idea by empathizing that this one-hour post-workout anabolic window may only apply to fasted training. Where there is no pre ingestion of protein, whereas if you have ingested protein sometime before your workout, it essentially renders the timing of your post-workout shake useless, this just means that a post-workout shake is not as important we thought it was if you are in a fed state.

In fact, if you haven’t had any protein before your workout. Research even suggests that ingesting your shake before your workout is more beneficial than after.

For Example, The study shows from the American journal of physiology showed that when the subject in features state ingested protein before their workout, They experience significantly higher muscle protein synthesis than subjects who ingested their protein immediately after their workout.

Therefore when it comes to the timing of your protein shake, we suggest you following:

If You have ingested Protein At some Point Before Your Workout?

  • A post-workout shake does not seem to be necessary.
  • You can have your shake at any time during the day to boost your protein intake.
  • It still can be a good idea to have post-workout since it’s convenient.

If you have not ingested any protein Prior to your workout?

  • Having your shake shortly before your workout is likely the best option to maximize protein synthesis.

If you are planing to workout in a fasted state

  • Having your shake shortly after your workout is ideal.
  • To maximize your result, you might also want to consider ingesting casein protein powder shortly before bed.
  • Intaking at least 40g of slow-digesting protein before bed helps to improve overnight muscle protein synthesis.
  • Will give you better muscle recovery and growth over time.

How Much You Should Take & How Often?

As for how much protein to take at the time, multiple studies have arrived at a consensus that:

“A dose of around 20 to 25g of whey is sufficient to maximize muscle protein synthesis”

Therefore a good minimum you’d want to aim for when taking it. It is also worth noting that having more than this might provide a small additional benefit.

By research, we found that taking 40 grams of whey protein stimulated muscle protein synthesis to a greater extent than a 20 grams dose, regardless of the subject’s body weight and lean body mass. Generally, it seems as sticking to a dose of anywhere 20g to 40 grams is likely your best bet.

As for how often this protein, this ultimately depends on your own total daily protein requirements; you want to prioritize and take your protein from food sources since they provide various other amino acids and nutrients. And then use protein powders to supplement this if needed.

For Example, We know that sticking to the protein intake of roughly 0.721-1g/lb of bodyweight is ideal. So if a 170 lbs individual requires 170g of protein a day and can comfortably intake 130g proteins from real food sources, they could take 140 grams scoop of protein daily regardless of if they worked out and off to help them to reach their daily goal.

170 LB Individual

  • Requires 170-gram protein daily.
  • Can comfortably intake 130g protein through food sources.
  • Can supplement with one 40g protein shake daily to reach his protein target.

What Should You Take It With?

To keep it simple multiple studeis have shown that although:

Although co-ingesting protein powder with carbs and/or fat does slow down digestion, It does not increase nor decrease muscle protein synthesis.”

Simply meaning, you can feel free to take your protein with whatever you prefer, whether milk, water, or something else.

jym protein

However, in our opinion, if you are focusing on gaining weight, then it can help to take your protein with dairy milk for the additional 100 to 200 calories, and the extra protein provides. Whereas if you are focusing on losing fat. It might be best to take with something like almond milk or water. Which just helps you to be convenient, dave, and an extra couple hundred calories or so.

Jym Protein

This review is for Jym protein, but we give you some more information about protein powder to help you out; now, the review about jym protein is down below.

Little bit about supplement’s Company

This is by jym protein supplement science now the head of this company is a super knowledgeable guy. He is very outspoken as well. This company has pretty much a vendetta against many of the companies that have been around for a while as far as they are. They are really against amino spik and some other bad practices that are going on.

So it is great to hear that company is one calling them out and two saying that we are not about that this is not what our company is doing, which is why they brought out this Jym protein powder.

Jym protein is gonna help you in some muscle recovery and gain some muscles as well, but that is what a lot of protein powder says now; Jym protein is a little bit different because they give you 24 grams of protein per serving. Here they decided to go with the bland, and one thing about this jym protein powder company that we like is the transparency they have. So they actually show the breakdown of this plan, so you get 9 grams of whey isolate protein.

In jym protein, you will also get 12.5 grams of micellar casein, and you will also get 2.5 grams of egg white protein in jym protein. Now not to make something, companies actually break that down for you a lot of them do use blends. But they do not really break down what you are actually getting.

Jym protein chooses blend because they found out that if you have fast-digesting proteins is awesome like I mentioned earlier, it is great to have. If you have slow-digesting protein, it is awesome as well.

If you put them together, you will have protein synthesis starts very fast from the fast-digesting protein, and it will last longer with slow-digesting proteins. So in jym protein, you can take advantage of both different worlds as far as digesting proteins.

Jym protein is the signature protein powder. It’s blends of protein. In taste, Jym Protein is very, very rich, very creamy. Jym protein is not only tasty; it is powerful as well.

Benefits of Jym Protein

  • Muscle recover
  • Muscle gain
  • 12.5g of micellar casein
  • 2.5 grams of egg white protein
  • High-quality protein


Best Type?

Stick to the whey protein (Whey isolate is likely your best bet). Casein protein can also be used before bed to maximize the result, or jym protein will be your best choice.

When to take?

When you should take your protein depends on you, whether you’ve had protein before your workout or not.

How much to take & how often?

20 to 25g of whey seems sufficient to maximize protein synthesis. 40 grams may provide a small yet significant boost. It can be taken daily to help you reach your daily protein target.

What to take i with?

It does not seem to matter. Taking with dairy milk when bulking and almond milk or water when cutting is a smart idea.

Jym Protein

After all this information and research, we found that jym protein is a great supplement to your diet and exercise for muscle gaining and recovery.

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