Newborn Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

At the time of birth, Newborn experiences many physiological behavior and changes because he is released from a warm and closed environment to the open world and bright environment. After 10 seconds of birth, the newborn takes its first breath and initiates its oxygenation and circulatory system so, a proper newborn nursing diagnosis is essential. 

Then the upcoming 24 Hours are a vital time in which the baby adjusts all operating systems of his body like the neurological system, metabolism, etc. The main reason to obtain such balanced adjustments depends upon the labor pain, genetic compositions, and care plans adopted during the first month of birth i.e., also known as the neonatal period.

So proper newborn nursing diagnosis and care plan should be followed in achieving the critical goals related to newborn health. Mostly, 2/3 of the newborn’s death takes place in neonatal span and ½ during the first 24 hours. This fact shows that starting months are sensitive and hazardous for new infant and newborn nursing diagnosis plays an essential role in these days. An infant should be kept under observation, and a detailed newborn care plan needs to be considered.

Nursing Diagnosis for Pregnancy:

According to the WHO research, about 810 women die due to pregnancy complications daily. If the proper level of care is given to each pregnant woman, many deaths can be prevented. United Nations research shows that only half of them attain this care during pregnancy. Nursing diagnosis for pregnancy and their care plans can help to facilitate the required professional guide to the pregnant ladies. It also assists in observing the outcomes and enhancing the good and positive results.

Following diagnosis and information must be collected during pregnancy to assure safety.

  • Expected changes during the period of pregnancy i.e., environmental, physical, etc.
  • All details related to pregnancy risk and complications i.e. eclampsia, hypertensive disorder, preeclampsia etc.
  • Frequent Constipation issues. If you suffered, you must go for a walk, exercise, and make a proper diet plan under a professional guide. It will effectively defecation this problem.
  • Learn breast care during pregnancy and neonatal period to avoid tenderness.
  • Anxiety and fatigue can be lessened by taking rest and diet care plans.
  • Learn about perineal care details to avoid haemorrhoids.
  • By doctor advice, use medication, if you are suffering from nausea. A proper diet plan can also control this issue.
  • Maintain your weight within normal limits. You should be underweight or overweight to avoid complications.
  • Increase oral hygiene; fresh juices intake to avoid vomiting in pregnancy.
  • Read different authentic books about parenting and assess readiness to become a good parent.
  • Teach about childbirth, travel conditions, newborn feeding, and self-control regarding social support. Nursing diagnosis for pregnancy support pregnant ladies during pregnancy to lessen the complications and problems.

Newborn Nursing Care Plan and Assessment:

To assess the condition of the newborn in the neonatal period, the following factors are necessary to devise new nursing care plans.

  • Nursing diagnosis for pregnancy
  • Mother’s pregnancy-related history
  • Newborn physiological conditions
  • Blood samples of mother and infant
  • All reports and test related to birth
  • Initial bonding terms between parent and child
  • Body temperature data daily
  • Respiratory cycle after the birth of a newborn
  • Complete medical checkup of a neonate

After assessing all these factors, doctors suggest a newborn nursing care plan that can be implemented in a hospital and the home also after discharge. All these care plans teach the parents how they can monitor their infant’s diet and physical conditions. Proper charts are also provided to parents so they can save the daily data on them related to infant nursing diagnosis.

Newborn Nursing Care Plan and Assessment

Goals and Outcomes of Infant Nursing Diagnosis:

Nurses or parents should consider the infant’s needs in transitional duration. Related goals and expected outcomes of nursing diagnosis for the healthy newborns are discussed below that can help you in maintaining the health of your newborn.

  • Newborn must acquire productive living after birth.
  • After birth, the child should be complication-free.
  • Parent and child interactivity should be heightened.
  • Parental teaching and learning are given to parents for the infant’s care.
  • A child should be free of respiratory issues and distress.
  • In the first hours, the risk of impaired gas exchange exist, so parent and child will be under-examination to avoid this threat.
Nursing Interventions Related to Infant Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Interventions Related to Infant Nursing Diagnosis:

Nursing diagnosis for a healthy newborn is a very hectic task for parents and as well as for nurses too. So if proper guidelines and precautions are not followed, there can be critical outcomes. Following nursing interventions helps guide others to take care of their infants in a healthy way.

  • Apgar score measurements should be noted after birth.
  • Notice the parental physical problem e.g., hypertension, anxiety, diabetes, respiratory issues, etc.
  • Air-way should be clear and open gradually.
  • Dry the baby head and body after birth with a warm cloth and covered him with blanket and cap.
  • Baby positioning after birth should be examined and must be at 10֯ angles.
  • The bath should be given to the newborn after hid body temperature is stable.
  • Do not keep the room temperature too hot.
  • Smoking should be avoided near a child in the neonatal period.
  • Before the chord removes, the bath must be avoided.
  • Aftercare of the child, check about any infections and wounds.
  • Sensitive areas should be covered and keep them dry.

These interventions help the newborn to reduce conserve energy, stress, and oxygenation factors. If the baby’s condition is getting complicated or worse, consult with your doctor immediately.

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