Pregnancy Test at Home | 5 Best Pregnancy Test Strips

What Is Pregnancy Test?

The earliest known pregnancy test dates back to 1350 BC in ancient Egypt. According to the Egyptians, all you have to do is urinate on wheat and barley seeds and wait. If either sprout that means you are pregnant. If wheat spreads faster that means it is a girl but if barely it is a boy.

In 1963, a small study reproduced this test and found that it predicted pregnancy with a respectable 70% accuracy. Though it could not reliably tell the sex of the baby. Scientists hypothesized that tests worked because pregnant women’s urine contains more estrogen which can promote seed growth.

Now it is easy to take this ancient method for granted because modern pregnancy test gives high accuracy result within minutes.

How Did They Works?

Over the counter, pregnancy tests are all designed to detect one thing a hormone called HCG. HCG is produced in the earliest stages of the pregnancy and starts a game of telephone that tells the body not to shed the inner lining of the uterus that month.

As the pregnancy progresses HCG supports the formation of the placenta which transfers nutrients from mother to fetus. The test starts when the urine is applied to the exposed end of the strip. As the fluid travels up the absorbent fibers, It will cross three separate zones each with an important task.

Zone Of Tests

When the wave hits the first zone the reaction zone.y shaped protein called antibodies will grab onto any HCG. Attach to these antibodies is a handy enzyme with the ability to turn on dye molecules which will be crucial later down the road.

Then the urine picks up all the AB1 enzymes and carries them to test zones and carries them to test zones which is where the results show up. Secured to this zone are more Y-shaped antibodies that will also stick to HCG on one of its five binding sites.

Scientists call this type of test a sandwich assay. If HCG presents it gets sandwiched between the AB1 enzymes and AB2 and sticks to the test zone. Allowing the attached dye-activating Enzyme to do its job and create a visible pattern.

Pregnancy Test at Home

If there is no HCG the wave of urine and enzymes just passes on by. Finally, there is one stop to make the control zone. As in any good experiment, These steps confirm that the test is working properly.

Whether the AB1 enzymes never saw HCG. Or they extra because zone 1 overstocked with them. All the unbound AB1 enzymes picked up in zone 1 should end up here and activate more dye.

So if no pattern appears that indicates that the test was faulty. These tests are pretty reliable but they do not fail-proof. For instance, false negative can occur if the concentration of HCG is not high enough for detection.

What Are The Best Pregnancy Test Strips?

Are you looking for the best pregnancy test sticks? If yes then we will tell you the 5 best pregnancy test strips.

5 Best Pregnancy Test at Home Strips

pregnancy test at home
  • First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test
  • Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test
  • Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips
  • Clearblue Digital with Smart Countdown
  • 50 Ovolution Pregnancy Test

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

In our list of Pregnancy Test at Home strips we have pick First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test on the number 1 position.

This is the brand that understands the kind of anxiety you are feeling now and they have developed superior science to make you feel assured that you can trust your answers.

The First Response detects all major forms of the pregnancy hormone and these tests are sensitive enough to give you an answer 6 days before you missed period. Before you test we recommend reading all of the directions in the insert in your box.

  • This pregnancy test strip can be used at any time of the day. But we recommend you to do it in the morning.
  • Do not drink or urinate 2 hours before taking your test.
  • First Response Pregnancy test stick makes easy with 2 ways to test.

How to use it?

  • First, remove your test from its foil wrapper and lift off the pink over the cap. Then hold the test by its thumb grip with the absorbent tip pointing downwards and with the display window facing away from you.
  • Place the tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds taking care not to get the plastic wet.
  • Or simply collect some Urine in a clean dry cup and dip the absorbent tip for 5 seconds for early results 20 seconds for the rapid result.
  • Keep holding the tip pointing down replace the pink over the and lay the stick on a hard lay surface with a display window facing up.
  • In 45 seconds or 3 minutes, you will get your result.

Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

In our list of Pregnancy Test at Home strips we have pick Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test in the 2nd place.

This test stick will give you the 99% accurate result when used from the day you expect your period and can be used 5 days sooner than your missed period but there is nothing which can give you 100% accurate result or fail-proof.

If testing Before you expect your period use the first urine of the day that also doctor will recommend you do that otherwise you can test at any time of the day make sure you did not drink too much liquid before testing and only remove the foil wrapper when you are ready to test.

Either hold the color change tip in your urine stream or in a sample of your urine collected in a clean dry container for 5 seconds only. The tip will instantly turn pink showing you the urine has been absorbed.

Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test has unique flood guard technology that helps reduce the number one report usage error by over 70%. After sampling lay the test stick lay flat. A horizontal blue line will immediately appear in the test window.

What if you are testing from the day you missed your period?

If you are testing the from the day you missed your period your result may appear in as little as one minute. Wait 3 minutes if you are testing early or to confirm a non-pregnant result.

  • This test stick will give you a 99% accurate result.
  • Use the first urine of the day if testing before your expected period.
  • Don’t drink too much liquid before testing.
  • Use the test when you are ready to test.
  • Don’t get the rest of the test stick wet.
  • Sample for the full 5 seconds after the tip turns pink.
  • Wait for 1-3 minutes.
  • The blue line in the test window shows that the test worked.
  • A plus in the test window means you are pregnant.
  • Minus in the test windows indicate that you are not pregnant.

Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

In our list of Pregnancy Test at Home strips we have pick Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips on 3rd position.

There are so many good pregnancy tests in the market but choosing the right one is a real deal and if you need the right one for the pregnancy test then you found it. This is the best pregnancy test there is not a lot of reviews about it but it is kind of great pregnancy test strips.

This test strip is not expensive it is good for the cheap test. Do not drink too much liquid before doing the test and remember always try to do tests in the morning because your HCG hormones can be detected easily in the first urine in the morning.

  • This pregnancy strip will give you more than 99% of accurate results.
  • Do not drink too much before the test.
  • Always use it when you are ready to do a test.
  • We recommend you to do it in the morning.

Clearblue Digital with Smart Countdown

In our list of Pregnancy Test at Home strips we have pick Clearblue Digital with Smart Countdown on 4th position.

The test is more than 99% accurate when used from the day your period is due and can be used up to 4 days early. If testing before your period is due to use the first urine of the day otherwise you can test it any time of day.

Make sure you do not drink too much liquid before testing. Only remove the foil wrapper when you are ready to test then either hold the absorbent tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds only or place in a sample of your urine collected in a clean dry container for 20 seconds only.

Throughout testing never hold the testing pointing upwards after sampling lay the test stick flat. The smart countdown will begin to flash to reassure you that the test is working each segment will appear in a sequence to show the test is progressing and counting down to your result in words.

  • It can be used up to 4 days early.
  • Over 99% accurate from the day your period is due.
  • Use the first urine of the day if testing before your period is due.\
  • Don’t drink too much liquid before the test.
  • Do not get the rest of the stick to get wet.
  • Lay the test stick flat after testing.
  • If you are pregnant you will see written pregnant.
  • If you are not pregnant you will see non-pregnant.

50 Ovolution Pregnancy Test

In our list of Pregnancy Test at Home strips we choose 50 Ovolution Pregnancy Test on last postion.

It is the highest sensitive pregnancy test you will get. How do I know that is highly sensitive is good?

Well, how much higher will be the sensitivity that earlier you will get the results. And not also earlier it will give you accurate results up to 99%. So make sure when you use it your period is due. If testing before your period is due to use the first urine of the day otherwise you can test it any time of day

Remember! Before testing does not drink too much liquid and does not urinate. Only remove the wrapper when you are ready to test.

  • It will give you a 99% accurate result.
  • 50 ovulation tests (20mIU) which mean it is highly sensitive.
  • It will give you a result within 1-3 minutes.

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