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Our Personal Data collection Policy Summary:

The Healthapes collect some personal information related to its visitors and users. This information is used for some important purposes, and we are using services i.e., given below.

For Analytics:

Services: We use Google analytics, anonymize IP along with Google Analytics and WordPress stats

Personal Information: Data Usage and browser cookies

User Contacts:

Services: Newsletters, Email address, and contact form data Personal Information: Data Usage and browser cookies

For Advertisement:

Services:  Google AdSense

Personal Information: Data Usage and browser cookies

Account Registration and Verification:

Services: Google Accounts

Personal Information: Data Usage and browser cookies

Social Information:

Services: Only Profile Picture is used.

Personal Information: User display picture, first and last name

Commercial and Products Affiliation:

Services: Amazon account affiliation

Personal Information: User display picture, first and last name

Detail Policy:


Mostly we use our own services combine with third-party to provide our users relevant and engaging content. Such a third-party may be Google analytics etc. By using them, we save your IP address of browser, cache data, interactivity, ISP location, your device information, session duration, time, source, OS clients, speed and screen resolution, etc.

Google analytic policy is here:


When you are uploading any media content to our healthapes website, make sure to avoid the merging of any Geo-location with the relevant media. Any visitor or user that exploring our website can access or download your location data and media. So keep an eye on this fact.


Your comments to our page are saved by using comment forms, the user agent of the browser, or sometimes by identifying IP addresses to avoid any spam or junk users.

Incognito string is generated from your email address and checked on Gravatar services to confirm that either you are a user or not. After confirmation, your display picture along your comment is displayed to assure about the valid user.

Gravatar terms and conditions:

Gravatar services related to privacy policies:

Contact Forms Information:

All details related to contact forms are only saved for promotional use. We use such information to share our advertisement, marketing, and promotional information with our followers. All your information is fully secure from our end, and we will never hand over it to any third party unless it’s our service’s requirement.


User’s information like email address, name, and display picture is saved in cookies that last for a year. Cookies are used, so you don’t need to enter your details repeatedly during your visit. Once you enter your data, it will save by our website. After that, you are free to comment and follow.

Temporary cookies are also saved during a login session. But they are discarded whenever you shut down your browser. Your authentic credentials are saved in these temporary cookies when you logged in. Such login cookies last for two weeks when screen cookies stay for one year. But login cookies will be discarded if you log out from your account.

If any of the visitors try to publish his content on our website, his ID-related cookies will be saved, and last for one day only.

User Rights Regarding Their Data:

If you have a complete subscription form to our websites, you are free to comment like and share any of our content. You have the right to reverse back your actions e.g., deleting comments, etc. After verification, you can also edit or export your data to any other platform.

Data that is necessary for website administration and security concerns cannot be deleted. If you have an account on our website, you can request to export or erase all of your personal information that we have. But only that data that is not related to legal concerns.

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If you have any confusion or query related to our content, policies, directly mail us.