Struggling to live on a daily basis because of right side back pain?

Do you share the same feeling that no matter how many Chiropractors you visited, no matter what you tried before, you never got rid of your back pain?

Researchers have now found a TINY little muscle in your lower back which is causing the back pain.

In this article, you will learn how to release this tiny muscle (and back pain) by simply following a simple routine you can do at home.

What Causes Right Side Back Pain?

The right side of your back is a tricky area, and it’s not uncommon to see some pain coming from that part.

The vast majority of people will experience something in their lower back on the right-hand side.

This can be anything up to slight discomfort all the way through severe, debilitating pain.

It’s common for sufferers to report feeling as if they’ve been kicked in the spine by someone standing behind them, or experiencing sudden sharp pains when bending too far forward.

This isn’t always related to any physical thing going on with the bones themselves.

Sometimes problems arise due to an issue elsewhere in your body affecting how you feel there (such as having acid reflux).

The one thing that everyone with back pain needs to understand is the need for seeking medical attention in order to find out what’s going on, and then how you can deal with it.

If your doctor determines there isn’t anything wrong structurally or physically, they will be happy to provide guidance and help as far as dealing with any other causes of pain (such as giving over-the-counter medication).

That way, you know you’ve checked off the list before determining what next steps to take.

It’s possible this could mean a visit to a specialist who deals specifically with back problems; such if chiropractic treatment would be helpful, or seeing an osteopath/chiropractor who combines both disciplines.

Right Side Back Pain Symptoms

There are quite a few symptoms of right side back pain.

The most common symptoms of right side back pain are:

  • Pain on the right side of your back
  • Tightness and tension in the muscles on one or both sides of lower back
  • Pressure or numbness when you try to sit up straight
  • Discomfort, pain, stiffness and tightness when bending over to pick something off the floor
  • Tingling in your right side of the back, buttocks or thigh
  • Sharp pain on the right side of your body, which might extend to other areas such as your lower leg and toes
  • Pain that radiates from one hip to another (may be present only on one side).
  • Back stiffness with no known cause, which it may last for up to 48 hours before going away for a few days at a time

It’s important to note that these symptoms could point towards any number of things aside from just back problems. Always make sure to consult with a medical professional for any serious and debilitating pains.

Right Side Back Pain Causes

A variety of different things can cause right side back pain. Most importantly, different lifestyles and health habits can cause right side back pain.

The most common causes of right side back pain are:

  • Sitting at a desk for several hours each day, which can result in various types of back problems
  • A herniated disc that pushes on nerves and causes pain to radiate outwards. This may happen due to any number of reasons including extreme physical activity or injury
  • Nerve compression where the nerve becomes irritated by bony structures such as your spine, ribs, breastbone or pelvis
  • A pulled muscle along the right side caused by lifting something heavy without bending from the knees first

It usually takes about one month before these pains leave completely. Some people might also have an overuse syndrome with their right arm (often a tennis or golf player), which could lead to similar symptoms following repeated motions.

How To Treat Right Side Back Pain

You know the feeling, when you’ve tried everything but still can’t get rid of your back pain?

The good news is that researchers recently discovered a TINY little muscle in your lower back may be the culprit for right side back pain.

And luckily, there’s a new stretch that releases this tiny muscle (and back pain) by simply following a simple routine you can do at home.

This 30-second stretch has helped many people with right side back pain.

You can do it anywhere, and you won’t have to take any medication or spend any money.

Learn more about how to fix right side back pain in the video below:

Right Side Back Pain Video

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