Texa Allergy Tablets | Use and Side Effects Guide

Texa Allergy tablets are antihistamines that are used to treat mild allergies like hay fever, inflammation of nasal airways or skin allergies etc.

Why Use Texa Allergy?

Texa allergy relief drops or tablets are used as an anti-allergic medicine in situations like, Hay fever or rhinitis allergy in which continuous flu/cold and sneezing are tied up with the patient. Also, skin allergies like itching, rashes, swelling or red weal can be treated with the texa allergy tablets. This is sometimes suggested to address food and medicinal allergies like hives etc.

Formula Elements of Texa Allergy:

Texa allergy is a member of non-tranquillizing antihistamines. Active medium in texa allergy relief drops is cetirizine hydrochloride of potency 10mg. Other members of this medicine are sugar (lactose monohydrate), colloidal anhydrous, crospovidone, magnesium stearate etc. Furthermore, propylene glycol, hypromellose, cellulose and stearates are found in its outer film coating.

How to Use Texa Allergy?

Before using texa allergy, read the product details given by Pharmacist Company. Or consult with your doctor about usage advice of texa allergy relief tablet. Discuss all your allergies and reactants with your doctor before the usage of Texa allergy. Tell your doctor about your all current medicine intakes, e.g. BP tablets, antibiotics etc. Don’t drink alcohol while using Texa allergy. It can be with or without a meal.

As concerned with the dosage amount, usually 5-10 mg of Texa allergy is taken once a day. Intake time of such medicines is the same for the next day. For children’s from age 6-11, texa allergy relief drops or syrups are available, and only 1 to two teaspoons is given to them per day. It’s suggested to have an extended-release form of texa allergy relief tablet to eliminate the risk factors but after doctor’s recommendation. A balance can be stabilized in the body by using extended-release form.  From the product, leaflet read all the provided information carefully. If the medicine is in the chewable form, then chew it before swallowing. Don’t crush/chew, if it is mentioned on package or suggested by the doctor. Proper chart detail form is shown below.

Children (Age: 6 Months-2 Years)

  • [Minimum 2.5(mg/ml) /Half tea spoon] for 12 hours or [maximum 5(mg/ml) /One teaspoon] for one day in syrup form.

Children (AGE: 2 Years -5 Years)

  • At starting duration of dose, 2.5(mg/ml) is recommended per day in either tablet or syrup form.
  • [Minimum 2.5(mg/ml) /Half tea spoon ] for 12 hours or [maximum 5(mg/ml) /One teaspoon ] for one day

Children (AGE: 6 Years -11 Years)

At starting duration of dose, 5(mg/ml) is recommended per day in either tablet or syrup form.


  • Minimum 5mg/day and maximum 10 mg/day in solid form.


  • 10mg/day

Shake the bottle of medicine, if advised by a doctor or Product Company. Use a dropper or measuring spoon while giving liquid medicine or syrup form to your children. Don’t use a regular spoon to measure the dose because it can lead toward wrong measurements, carefully observer the marks on calculation instruments.

Dose Miss/ Overdose of Texa Allergy:

In case, you forgot to intake the dose, skip it if it’s too late. However, if only a short time passed, then intake the dose as soon as possible but never took two doses on one day. Instead skipped the first one and chose the second one. Discuss with your doctor if you are facing some serious issues or medicine didn’t work even after one week.

Side effects of Overdose:

Texa allergy relief drops or solid form could variously react to your body if you took too many doses at a time. Due to the excessive amount of medicine in blood, many complications can be faced. Predicted symptoms and regarding problems are discussed in the following.

  • Diarrhoea or nausea
  • Unconsciousness or dizziness
  • Severe pain or headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Discomfort behaviour of the patient
  • Anxiety, fatigue
  • High rated heartbeat
  • Physical immobility or urine problems
  • Eye’s pupil dilation related issues
  • Skin allergy, severe itching
  • Tremor and confusing behaviour
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting and sore throat
  • Coughing and tiredness

If you figure out about your overdose intake, immediately rush to the hospital or poison centre that can help you out to remove the excessive amount by washing or some instrument.


Keep the medicine away from children’s reach. Texa allergy drops and tablets are stored on standard room maintained temperature i.e.25 degree Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit. Avoid moisture and sun’s direct light. Don’t share the medicines to others without doctor’s suggestions.

Precautions for Texa Allergy (Drops and Tablets)

If you are under some severe medical conditions like the following ones, visit your doctor first and tell your medical history to him before starting texa allergy intake. Many medical complications that can cause dangerous results are given below.

  • Epilepsy disorder
  • Kidney related problems
  • Allergies from Texa allergy drops
  • Antidepressants patients
  • Urine and bladder inability
  • Injuries related to the spinal cord
  • Pregnancy duration

Texa allergy tablets should not be used while feeding period of the infant. These medicines make you lazy and feel sleepy, so avoid their intake during driving or work out time. Alcohol intake should be prevented when you are using texa allergy drops. Our website recommends: always to consult your medical doctor before intake to avoid any harmful effects.

Where to buy?

Where to buy texa allergy

Texa allergy is available on online stores with and without discount, and you can purchase texa allergy drops and texa allergy relief tablets from vendors on cheap rate. Various recommended texa allergy are shared below.

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